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The Captain Elephant is a level 1875 Boss, that was added in Update 15.

This boss can drop the Twin Hooks and also uses it as main weapon along with infusing them with Aura. This boss has a respawn time of 30 minutes.


  • Level requirement: 1875
  • Description: Defeat Captain Elephant
  • Reward:
    • 90,000,000 EXP
    • MoneyIcon 40,000


The Captain Elephant is located at the Floating Turtle, near the Mansion, to the right of the Forest Pirates, in the Third Sea.

Captain Elephant Location

The Captain Elephant's Location.


This boss uses the skills of the Twin Hooks.
Move Description Damage How To Avoid
Sky Cyclone Captain Elephant swings his hooks in front of him, briefly creating a cyclone of wind at a direction. 1930.3 Continually spam dash left or right.
Prehistoric Punt Captain Elephant throws his hooks at the target, which are connected to them via ropes. Upon hitting an enemy, he pulls himself towards the target as a large grey spectral mammoth head appears behind him and rushes forward, launching the target into the air after dealing damage. Around 1260-1420 Keep a distance.


  • He must be defeated to complete the Horned Man's fourth quest in order to unlock the Rainbow Saviour color for Aura.
  • He also must be defeated to progress through the Citizen's quest.
  • As seen in the dialogues of Citizen, Captain Elephant is the leader of the Forest Pirates.
  • He wears Jaw Shield, but he doesn't have the buffs and doesn't drop it.
  • When this Boss is defeated in the Citizen’s quest it will have a dialogue that states a man stronger than him will avenge him, Similar to Jeremy in the Second Sea, who says Don Swan will avenge him. Captain Elephant is referring to the Beautiful Pirate as the man who will avenge him soon. But not being too much of a bad guy, Captain Elephant accepts his defeat nicely.