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Canvander is a Legendary sword which was added in Update 15. It is a reskinned Shisui with better damage, different effects, and less end lag.

Cavender is known for it's Observation draining abilities and its above average damage and speed. Canvander is used commonly throughout the 3rd Sea as it's quite versatile multiple PvP scenarios.

Overall, the abilities on this sword make it good for traveling, escaping a combo, or chaining abilities for potential combos.


To obtain this sword, the player needs to defeat the level 1950 Boss, Beautiful Pirate, who is located at the Beautiful Pirate Domain in the Third Sea. The Beautiful Pirate has a 5% chance of dropping this sword.


Key Name Description Mastery Image
Z key perfections.png
Piercing Dash User passes the enemy and leaves 4-6 slices (can hit multiple target) dealing damage. It also scatters some purple-white flowers. 150
Canvander skill Z.gif
X key perfect.png
Scattering Gust User dashes forward, creating purple-white flowers and sends 5 air slashes similar to Bisento V1 but purple, faster and farther. If the slashes touches an enemy when the user is dashing, it will change the enemy's and your screen purple for 1 second. 300
Canvander skill X.gif



  • Decent to grind with.
  • Great in PvP.
  • Easy to aim if you have decent aiming skills
  • You can use other moves when Canvander's Z is active.
  • If you have Dark, you can do some insane combos.
  • Drains 4-6 Observation dodges.
  • OP when paired with Superhuman.


  • Does not break Observation. (but drains 4-6 dodges.)
  • Chop. like any other sword
  • Hard to grind if you click because of the 4th fling click. This can be solved with Buddha form.
  • Hard to get if unlucky


  • For some reason, you can use any attack when using Canvander Z. (Canvander Z + Death Step C at the same time.)
  • Cavander is made like Shisui, and has almost the same properties.


Dark C + Kabucha X + Canvander X + Canvander Z + Sharkman X + Sharkman Z + Sharkman C, This combo is one shot if executed properly

Acidum Rifle Z + Sharkman Karate Z + (turn around to the enemy) Canvander Z + Sharkman Karate X + Canvander X + Sharkman Karate C

Dark C + Kabucha X + Canvander X + Canvander Z + Electric Claw X + Dark X + Electric Claw C + Electric Claw Z
Add more combos (that use death step and superhuman.)

Dark X + Kabucha X + Death Step X + Canvander X + Soru + Death Step C + Canvander Z + Death Step Z

Ice V + Canvander Z + Death Step C + Death Step Z + Ice Unawakening C + Death Step X + Canvander X

Dark X + Kabucha X + Canvander X + Canvander Z + Superhuman Z + Superhuman C + Soru (or Dark F) + Superhuman X

Dark X, Kabucha X, Canvander X Z, Sharkman X Z C
Dark C, Kabucha X, Superhuman C, Canvander X Z, Superhuman Z, Dark X, Superhuman X

Death Step V + Canvander X + Z + Dark C + Death Step C + Z + X

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