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Candies are a limited-time currency that was added in Update 13, specifically for the Christmas event. It is used for trading with the Xmas NPCs. Candies were removed in Update 14, then re-added in Update 17, before being removed in the latter's 2nd part. Candies Can be exchanged in Second Sea and Third Sea

General Overview

Santa Claws, who trades Candies for items such as the Elf Hat, the Santa Hat, and the Sleigh.
Magic Elf, who trades Candies for things such as 15 minutes of 2x EXP, Stat Refunds, and Race Rerolls.
Greedy Elf, who trades Candies for Fragments.
Blox Fruit Dealer's Cousin, who trades Candies for random fruits. This NPC was removed shortly after Update 13, then re-added in Update 14, as a permanent NPC who sells random fruits for RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png instead of Candies.

Candies can be earned from killing random NPCs or Bosses who are not 100 levels below the player.
  • For example, if an NPC is level 1750, and the player is over 1850, the player will not receive Candies from killing the NPC.
  • Candies also has a 1/4 drop chance, meaning that there is a 3/4 chance that the player will not receive any Candies from killing an NPC.
  • Bosses, however, have a 100% chance to drop 9-13 Candies when killed.
This is one of the currencies in Blox Fruits that came from an event, with Bones and Ectoplasm being the others.