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Cake Queen is a lvl 2175 Boss, that was added in Update 17 (part 1). She has 260,875 HP and has a 5% chance of dropping the Buddy Sword.

Spawn Time: 30 Minutes

This boss will give about 2 million EXP after being defeated, so server hopping for Cake Queen is a good way to farm mastery. Her health and damage output may be a put-off, though, so get a powerful devil fruit, sword and/or some other people to help you if possible.


This Boss is located at Ice Cream Land.


The Boss moveset, depends if the player is close to the Cake Queen, or not. If player is close, the Boss will use the Heat Slash [Z]. If you are keeping distance, the Boss uses Lightning Wave [X].

Tips and Tricks

Do NOT walk straight when fighting, as Lightning Wave [X], does lots of damage. Walk AROUND the Boss and attack instead of directly engaging.