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The Cake Prince is a Raid Boss located at the Mirror Dimension inside the Cake Land, a sub-island of the Sea of Treats which is a mini-sea located in the Third Sea. He was added in Update 17.2.


The Cake Prince's summoning can be checked by talking to the "drip_mama" NPC found in the Candy Land. He'll tell the player how many NPCs they need to defeat on the Candy Land before the door to the Cake Prince opens. Note that the NPCs HAVE to be on the Candy Land island, not just any NPC will work.

Originally, the number of NPCs that you have to kill starts from 500. The kill count is shared across the entire server. Any NPCs defeated on the Candy Land will be included even if it's not done by the same player.

  • The door has a white outline, and seems empty when "closed".

Upon stepping into the door, the player's camera will flip 360 degrees, and then the player will then be teleported into another dimension (called <Dimensional Shift>), where the Cake Prince will be summoned.

  • A server announcement will be sent out once someone summon the Cake Prince boss, stating: "A dimension has spawned."
  • Another announcement will also be sent once the Cake Prince is killed or the time has ran out, stating: "The dimension has disappeared."
  • The dimension disappears after 7 minutes and 30 seconds.



  • The Cake Prince uses the Z, X and V moves of Dough and the Z move of Spikey Trident, he can also dash to chase player.
    • He has no cooldown on any move.
    • Spikey Trident Z and Dough Z have boosted knock back.
  • This boss is confirmed to get a "true form" in Update 17 Part 3, however no sneak peaks have been released yet.
  • Do not attempt to defeat him alone due to his massive amount of health. Will most likely result in a failure, and is a waste of time.
  • Use Buddha to defeat him easier.
  • Hightest health of all Raid Bosses, so it is recommended to fight it with 2-3 players.

Tips and Strategies

  • An easy way to defeat the cake prince is to attack him with ranged attacks and keep your distance.
  • It is highly advised to find a team of more than 3 people to defeat this Raid Boss.
  • It is also highly recommended that you keep your distance, as he can repeatedly use Restless Dough Barrage.
  • Make sure to use any high stun moves (Wando's Z, Dough V, Ice/Ice v2 C, V, Dark v2 X, C, and alot more long stun moves are highly recommended here.)
  • Recommended to join marines when boss is spawned.