What Buddha looks like in stock

The Human-Human: Model Buddha is a Zoan type Devil Fruit. It was added in Update 1.

When they transform, the user becomes a golden giant that is nearly 7x as larger than a normal character. Their health is also increased by 5 hp = 1 stat point. You can also hold items while using this fruit, which makes it so you have a much bigger hitbox when using Swords/Fighting Styles. This fruit is very effective for Raids, as it has a large hitbox as well as lots of health.This fruit costs B$1,200,000 in the stock. Here is a showcase of Buddha fruit:



== [Z] Mastery: 1 Transform: ==

Cooltext E.png

Transform makes the user almost triple their own size, and a gold aura is seen around and on them. Note that when becoming buddha you don't actually gain double hp, instead, you gain +5 hp for every stat you have in fruit. So if you are don't have any stat points in fruit, you don't get any hp boost, you just become a big gold man.

=== [X] Mastery: 1 Impact: ===

Cooltext B.png

The user touches the ground with their palm, creating a large explosion which blows the enemy away.

=== [C] Mastery: 100 Buddha Leap: ===

Cooltext B+.png

The user leaps into the air, landing where the cursor is pointed. This creates a shock wave that damages on impact.

=== [V] Mastery: 200 Buddha Explosion ===

Cooltext B+.png

The user lets out a large explosion around them, dealing very heavy damage to all enemies nearby, as well as launching them away.

Buddha Review

Buddha is definitely meant to be a team Fruit. It really lacks in power, due to slowly-executed moves and relatively boring damage. Although, your health is buffed very well with this transformation, which makes it a perfect candidate for raids. Your moves have bigger hitboxes as well, which is also a good thing with it. Any NPC within the golden aura is capable of being hit. Being big comes with its own problems; your hitbox is much bigger. All of Buddha's damaging moves have relatively slow execution, making it hard to land a hit. This fruit is amazing for raids ,and can do very well with a Phoenix partner.

COMBOS: (stats: 1450 melee, 1450 sword, 1450 devil fruit) Kabucha x/Acidium Rifle x, Saddi x, Soru, Saddi z, Superhuman z, Superhuman c. (You can switch Kabucha for Acidium rifle)


  • +5 hp per stat in fruits. This means if you have max defense and max fruit, the highest health you could get would be 15440, keep in mind that this is just pure blox and def stats, without any accessories.
  • Good damage.
  • Large hitbox with your weapons (swords and fighting styles) which can prevent mobs from even attacking you.
  • Great for raids (if you use Superhuman). Also very good with Death Step, but Sharkman Kung Fu has the biggest hitbox out of all Fighting Styles, which makes this Fighting style the best for Raids. This with Superhuman is very good for pvp, and quite good with raids.
  • Goes perfectly with Ghoul (race) since life leech steals health (V2).
  • Buddha's X, C, and V move all break Ken Haki.
  • you can do a glitch with buddha and move faster than even the Awakened Light Flight.
  • Amazing for raids due to the health buff and huge hitbox for fighting styles and swords


  • Your large body is easily targeted in combat because you have a large hitbox.
  • Slow moves overall that are kinda hard to hit.
  • Buddha Leap doesn't go very far and is easy to miss.
  • Buddha Leap is glitchy (so you can get flung for no reason).
  • Slow walk speed and dash.
  • Not Logia so it isn't recommended for grinding for beginners. (Fruit main high levels are alright for grinding since they have alot of health and more dmg)
  • All moves have an insane cast time similar to Rumble.
  • Harder to get out of the Water since of the big hitbox.
  • Trash for Sword or Gun users, since you need fruit stats for HP boost.

Big Side Notes:

  • The awakening for this fruit has been confirmed by the developers of the game.
  • Mink race does add speed, but the difference is much less noticeable than if you weren't transformed, this was because the Mink buff for Buddha got nerfed.
  • You can get a speed boost with Accessories, such as the Cool Shades (17.5% speed boost) or the Ghoul Mask (35% speed boost). With the Ghoul Mask, your speed is somewhere in-between the normal walk speed and sprinting speed, which is good for buddha.
  • It only increases the HITBOX of Fighting Styles and Swords not DAMAGE.
  • You do get slower.
  • This Fruit is very good for Raids.
  • The hitbox when clicking, does not have the same hitbox when fighting players as an NPC's which you have to "connect" your attack to the other player in order to inflict damage.
  • Buddha is really good for farming if you have Superhuman, this is because it increases your click hitbox meaning your opponent cannot hit you if you keep spamming LMB.
  • You can't hold the moves .(X, C, and V)
  • Small Side Note: Race Avatar differences turn golden too, including skypian wings and Fishman fins. Cyborg armor. Mink ears does not turn golden.
  • If you stay in Buddha form and eat other fruits, you will keep the Buddha form with health buff and the skill of the fruit you eat. This glitch will disappear once you die or leave the game.

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