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Gorilla King - lvl 25 - Drops N/A [Spawn time: 3 min]

The gorilla king is a Boss that can be found near the mini-isle attached to the main Jungle Island. It resembles a large gorilla, though there are noticeable differences, that being the crown it has on its head and the enhancement that covers its fists. It is very powerful if you are below level 40 grind Gorillas instead if you are below level 40 (this was for my case btw and it worked) The Gorilla King is the easiest boss, as his attacks, are rather easy to dodge as they are close range, and lack power, long range attacks are recommended as they you can stand back as easily defeat him. If you stand on any elevated ledge and hit him with a long range attack, you can kill him without any damage being done.

hp = 1750 atk per hit = 60.1

Bobby - lvl 55 - Drops N/A [Spawn time: 9-10 min]

His quest gives 8,000 Beli and 35,000 EXP upon completion and he drops 1375 Bounty/Honor and 900-1100 mastery XP upon his defeat. Bobby's Chop fruit power gives him immunity to all Sword attacks (except fruit swords, like Ice or Light, since they scale with the Blox Fruit stat). You must use Blox Fruit, Gun, or Fighting Style attacks to beat him instead.

hp = 4500 atk per hit = 134.4

Yeti - lvl 110 - Drops N/A [Spawn time: 5 min]

The Yeti is the tough level 110 boss enemy of the Frozen Village, being the highest level of the other enemies on the island (Snow Bandits, Snowmen)

It has 2 attacks, a simple punch that deals 134.4 damage, and a second attack that's also utilized by the Gorilla King from the Jungle Island, in which it smashes the ground several times, stunning and slowly levitating players caught in its AoE range, dealing around 57.6 damage per hit.

Note: When hit with a high knockback attack, he can be stuck on the ice under the island

(Killing the Yeti with the quest will award you 180k Exp and B$10k.)

hp = 2750 atk per hit = 130.3/144.8

Mob Leader - lvl 120 - Drops N/A [Spawn time: 1 min]

Mob Leader is part of the Shanks Quest. You can find him on Jean-Luc Island between Magma Village and Bobby Island. He is a level 120 boss, and spawns every minute. He gives you 3000 bounty every time you defeat him. (This is the best boss for people who need help with getting a higher bounty because of his respawn time).

This boss is the 3rd most easy boss in the game so he is a easy boss for bounty/honor.

location = Marine Fortress hp = 4250 atk_per_hit = 140.1/161.7

Vice Admiral - lvl 130 - Drops Vice Admiral's Coat - 10% Drop Chance [Spawn time: 7 min]

The Vice Admiral is the Boss of Marine Fortress. He is a swordsman that uses Triple Katana and can use the compressed air slicing abilities. He is an incredibly formidable opponent for low levels.


Vice Admiral is located on Marine Fortress, in the main tower building in the center.


Has around 4,250 HP, while a single hit will dish out around 140 damage.

Vice Admiral's respawn time is around 7 minutes.


Defeating Vice Admiral has a 10% chance to drop the Vice Admiral's Coat, making Vice Admiral one of the few Bosses that give Boss Drop. The Vice Admiral's Coat gives 200 energy and 10% melee stats.


His Quest, upon his defeat, gives you 15,000 Beli and 350,000 EXP.


Recommend just server hopping and fighting the Vice Admiral, rather than going to the Skylands, as he gives as much Exp as the Dark Masters, though giving almost double in cash / Beli.

location = Prison hp = 7250 atk_per_hit = 131.7/158.1

Warden - lvl 175 - Drops N/A [Spawn time - 4-5 min]

The Warden spawns at Prison. To do his quest, you must be level 200 or above. The Warden has a spawn time of 4 minutes. Completing his quest rewards you with 6,000 Beli & 600,000 exp. Elemental effects will not work on the Warden, as with any bosses.

{{Enemy|title1 = Saber Expert|location = Jungle Island|image1 = Shanks Blox Piece.png hp=11000 atk_per_hit=300+

Saber Expert - lvl 200 - Drops Saber V1 [Spawn time: 30 min]

The Saber Expert is a boss, who is only accessible if you are level 200. You have to do a certain quest to access his area. After defeating Saber Expert, he can drop the legendary sword, Saber. (Note: Only one person is able to get the drop, so fighting him with other players is not recommended unless they already have the sword) Below is a link to a guide to solving the puzzle you need to do to get to him. He is called Saber Expert in the game. He cannot get out of his room unless you force him too (a way of doing it is using the [X] move of unawakened Dark or the [X] move of Sand or the [X] move of Dough.

Note: If you used Flash Step to get in his area (and not be level 200), you can't deal any damage to him but he can still damage you. Quite like Ice Admiral.

Saber Expert can also be taken out of his cave with Dough's X move. if you hit him with sticky dough while on the upper platform, it will slam him in the roof, and make him leave.

Saber Expert tutorialNote: If you have trouble killing him, you have two methods for an easier way:

Note: You can use Dough's[X] pull him out of his cage, but players below lvl 200 can't attack him (he won't take the damage) This is tested. Barrier X move might also do this (unconfirmed).

You can get him stuck on the square bump in-between the stairs, this will make him considerably easier to kill since he can not attack you directly, note that this is almost impossible to do with the Quake fruit.

You can use the door as a invisible barrier against him. He can not walk through the door but walks against it. There you are able to use ranged attacks against him.

In both ways, he is still able to hit you with his ranged attack.

The Saber Expert respawns every 30 minutes. The Saber Expert does not spawn the moment a server spawns. If you are using a VIP server, you must wait 30 minutes before he spawns.

The Sabet Expert also regenerates insanely fast. So it is recommended to hit him with as much attacks as possible.

Chief Warden - lvl 200 - Drops Warden Sword - 5% to 10% Drop Chance. [Spawn time: 10 min]

The Chief Warden is a LV200 Boss that spawns every 10 minutes at Prison. His quest which gives 10,000 Beli & 700,000 exp requires you to be level 225. He also has a 5%-10% chance to drop the Warden's Sword upon defeat.

Swan - lvl 225 - Drops Pink Coat - 2.5% to 5% Drop Chance [Spawn time: 30 min]
Not to be confused with the Second Sea / New World exclusive Boss Don Swan.

Swan / Doflamingo is a lvl 225 Boss, that can be found in Prison back in Old World. This boss uses 1 move of unawakened String.


The Quest rewards the player with B$15,000 and 1,300,000 EXP. His quest can only be taken upon reaching level 250.


  • Spam fruit attacks, and after 10-15 seconds spam dodge to avoid ranged attacks.
  • Should not get close. His close range move will take your health down fast. Spam ranged attacks and survive.
  • Lure Swan and then quickly dash behind the wall. Then, keep a distance with him and now you do not have to drain energy dodging him. Keep attacking him until he is dead.

He also has a chance to drop the Pink Coat, but unless you're an Accessories collector or a gun user, it isn't worth trying to get.


Punch- he punches you and deals 139 damage

Multi String - Swan impales their target from above with five strings. Deals damage from above the target in an AOE. It does about 110 damage to players.

(Unknown Move) - Swan releases an aura of string when the player is too close that does low damage.

Spawn time is 30 minutes. Which is similar to Don Swan in New World.

Magma Admiral - lvl 350 - Drops Refined Musket - 10% Drop Chance. [Spawn time: 20 min]

The Magma Admiral is a boss at Magma Village who uses 2 moves of the Magma fruit. He has 12,000 HP and deals 284 damage per hit. He can be found inside the volcano, just a few studs away from a golden treasure chest. Magma Admiral was first added during Update 1 of the game. Magma Admiral respawns every 20 minutes after he was killed. He will spawn after 20 minutes have passed in a new server.

Note: He's a elemental fruit user, so you will need Enhancement to damage him with a sword or melee.


  • Magma Fist - Old Z move of Magma, he will mostly spam this move. unlike the current Z move, it will only launch one fist, and it has no spread. It deal a decent of amount of damage and will knockback the player if it hit.
  • Magma Column - X move of Magma, he will use this if you get close. It also create a rock barrier which prevent you from running away. Deal high damage so be careful! unlike the current X move it will not shoot up the extra projectiles.


Magma Admiral is known to drop a gun known as 'Refined Musket' upon defeat, but the chances for it are rare (About 10%).


Currently, the ideal choice of fruit to fight him with is magma. As there is a lava pit in the middle of his base, the player with magma is immune to it, as the others suffer numbers taken from their health bar when stepping foot on it. A tip to beat him would be to do long-ranged attacks, as his movements and powers are very limited.

Note: You can also just avoid the lava pit, plus he can still walk into it so it doesn't really do anything.

This boss adds about 8,750 to your Bounty or Honor upon death.

Note: The X move of Rumble unawakened/awakened will not work due to the fact that you are in a volcano.

Fisherman Lord - lvl 425 - Drops Trident - 10% Drop Chance [Spawn time: 20 min]

Fishman Lord is a level 425 Boss that spawns every 20 minutes. Has a 10% chance to drop the Trident.


This Boss, can be found in the palace of Underwater City.


His quest gives B$ 15,000 and 4M Exp


When defeating the Fisherman Lord there is a 10% chance to get the Trident. It is recommended to get the Quests, if you can.


Trident Throw. If it hits you, he will reel you in while you take damage. If it misses, he will grapple to where the trident hit. His second form's trident has less wind up.

Water Pulse. When he is using his melee attacks he has a chance to launch the attacker away with a repel attack, seen as blue rings surrounding him.
Fishman Lord Strategy.png

Once his health is low, he will transform into his stronger second form. An easy way to kill him is to lead in into the palace's wall when you stand outside and attack through the wall.


  • Fisherman lord will go into the second form once he gets to low health. Even if you try to kill him quickly, he will still go into his second form no matter what. He also deals increased damage in his second form so BEWARE.


  • Fisherman Lord, Beautiful Pirate,rip_indra and Don Swan are the only Bosses with two forms.

Wysper - lvl 500 - Drops Bazooka - 5% Drop Chance [Spawn time: 20 min]

Wysper is a level 500 boss located at the first area of the Upper Skylands. He deals 473.1 per hit (without Enhancement). His weapon is the Bazooka (this is a droppable item with a 5% chance) and it deals about 946.2 damage a hit. (without Enhancement). The Bazooka shells are highly explosive and they have massive AOE hitboxes. He has about 18000 health.

Spawn Time: 20min

Strategy Guide:

Stand on the lower half of the rock, and make sure he is stuck walking towards you on the higher half of the rock. His bazooka attacks will hit the rock and not you, so you can use your long-ranged attacks to safely kill him. You will have to put him in a certain spot. You can also stun him with Ice or Dark, then take hits at him.

You can also keep attacking him until he stops. Then dodge out of the way, because when he stops, he pulls out the bazooka.

Thunder God - lvl 575 - Drops Pole(1st form) - 5% Drop Chance [Spawn time: 30 min]

The Thunder God (not to be confused with the NPC Enel) is a level 575 boss located at the second part of the Upper Skylands that spawns every 30 minutes. He has the Pole and uses the Rumble Blox fruit. He can be a challenge for players that are not careful.

Moveset of Thunder God

  1. Rumble Dragon
    • This is an explosive AOE attack that has a long-range. He temporarily stands still before using this attack.
  2. Sky Thunder
    • Sky Thunder creates a cloud over the battle arena and multiple lightning strikes come down from the sky. His fists turn electric before this skill activates, so you have a small amount of time to dash out of the vicinity of the attack.

The quest reward is:

  • $20,000 Beli
  • 5,800,000 experience

Drop Pole 1st form weapon (1% - 2%)

Important Note: He does not drop the Tomoe Ring. The Tomoe ring is sold by Yoshi on the layer where the Sky Bandits are. It costs 500,000 Beli and increases Blox Fruits damage.

Important Note 2: You will need Enhancement to damage him with sword, fighting style, or gun.

Tips: Use long ranged moves, whenever it is seen that he is charging his attack known as rumble dragon go close to him. By doing so chances of the attack not landing increase. Getting too close will end up resulting in you/the player getting attacked by his pole v1. Thunder God's rumble 2nd move creates a stun, whilst the first hit does more damage.

Pole (First Form) is not worth getting from him unless you are trying to get Pole (Second Form). In that case, I totally recommend you to get it. Pole V2 is a very powerful sword, and is very deadly in the hands of a good sword main. It is even good for fruit mains, since the sword breaks Observation and stun.

NOTE: Thunder God runs faster than a player's normal run speed.

Cyborg - lvl 675 - Drops Cool Shades - 1% to 2% Drop Chance [Spawn time: 30-35 min]

Cyborg, (not to be confused with the Cyborg (MISC) or Cyborg Race) is a Level 675 Boss at Fountain City. He is the final boss in the Old World before entering the New World. When you kill him, you have a chance to get the Cool Shades Accessory (1-2% chance). He has a spawn time of 30 ~ 35 minutes.

He gives around 150k EXP


Kill Cyborg, Reward: 7,500,000 (7.5M) EXP and B$20,000.


1. [Rocket Barrage]:

Cyborg shoots multiple rockets that deal massive damage.

2. [Strong Right]:

Cyborg extends his arms and then retracts them back. This move deals medium damage and knockback. (similar to both Rubber and Phoenix's cannon).

3. [Rising Attack]:

Cyborg farts into the air, dealing a lot of damage.


  1. Use Ranged attacks. Only come close to him if you have close-range stun moves. Make sure to stay far away from him.
  2. Go behind the rock. His rocket range can hit the rock but not hit you.
  3. Perfect Timing. Many players die because they got hit by his rocket move when they did a stunning / freezing move.
  4. Have at least 2000+ Health and Energy. You might run out of energy or health during this fight. With this you can survive about 3 hits.
  5. The move you have to worry about the most is his Rocket Barrage, unless you have about 5 dodges of Ken Haki (Observation)Observation, but make sure to avoid his Rocket Barrage move when you get close because that breaks Observation and does decent damage.
  6. Use Barrier. It can knock him away from using his close-ranged attacks, and deflect his missiles as well as get close to him for 1.
  7. Deal as much damage as you can, he heals after about 10 seconds if you don't attack him.
  8. Really, the best tip is to keep him behind the rock and spam ranged AoE moves.
  9. Use Ice, since it can freeze him.
  10. Water Kung Fu isn't recommended unless your Gun/Fruit/Sword has good stuns.
  11. Keep moving around, so you can dodge his attacks.

Ice Admiral - lvl 700 - Drops N/A [no spawn time]

Ice Admiral is a level 700 boss (Not to be confused with the Awakened Ice Admiral) in the First Sea. He is the NPC that you have to defeat to enter the New World. He uses the moves of the Ice-Ice fruit. He has 27,500 HP

How to Beat Ice Admiral (EASY)

Go near the rock when you enter behind ice admiral stay there, and spam attacks.

The Ice Admiral is located in the ability cave in Frozen Village ,in the Old World.

As you guessed from the name 'Ice Admiral', this NPC uses the Ice Fruit, and has Elemental immunity Use Enhancement to attack him with melee/sword/guns.

If you glitch inside the room, he will be invincible. Similar to Saber Expert.

Tips: Recommended to use Observation, since he uses ice attacks in all ranges.

Diamond - lvl 750 - Drops Longsword [Spawn time: 20 min]

Diamond is a level 750 boss located in Flower Hill. He is a tall, medium-sized man with a variety of flowers around his head, along with a green shirt and brown pants. He has 30,000 HP

A Level 850 Boss that is located that spawns every 15 minutes

A Level 925 Boss that uses the power of gravity fruit, He is located in the Green Zone and spawns spawns every 15 minutes

  • Drops Gravity Cane for a 10% drop chance. He has 42,500 hp

A level 1000 Boss that uses the power of String Fruit, He is located in the Swan Mansion and spawns every 30 minutes

  • Drops Swan Glasses for a 2.5% - 5% drop chance
  • Drops Swan Ship for a 100% drop chance. He has 2 forms and 55,000 hp

A level 1150 Boss that is located in Half Hot and spaws every 20 Minutes

  • Drops Jitte for a 15% drop chance. He has 60,000 HP

A level 1400 boss who uses the powers of awakened Ice fruit, he is located at the Ice castle and spawns every 20 minutes. He has 75,000 HP

A level 1475 Boss who has the power to spawn Sea Beasts, he is located in Skull island and spawns every 30-45 minutes. He has 87,500 HP

A level 10,000 admin boss that spawns at the Colosseum whenever rip_indra is online

  • gives Yoru to 1 player

calculations: each point in health gives you 5 hp. rip_indra is level 10000 which gives him 9999 stats points usable in health. (10000-1 default point). this gives him the extra hp of 9999*5 = 49995. add that by the default hp and we get 50095.

rip_indra has 50095 hp.

  • Island Empress - lvl 1675 - Drops Serpent Bow - Spawns every 25 mins

  • Kilo Admiral - lvl 1750 - Drops Lei - Spawns every 30 mins

  • Captain Elephant - lvl 1875 - Drops Twin Hooks - Spawns every 30 mins

  • Beautiful Pirate - lvl 1950 - Drops Canvander - [Spawn time: 45 min]

  • Longma- lvl 2000 - Drops Tushita - Spawns every 35 mins

  • Cake Queen- lvl 2175 - Drops Buddy Sword - Spawns every 30 mins

  • Order - Drops Zebra Cap - 99% Drop chance - Koko - 5% Drop chance - Core Brain - 10% Drop chance

  • Cursed Captain - Drops Red Spikey Coat - 5% Drop chance - Blue Spikey Coat - 5% drop chance - Hellfire Torch

  • Darkbeard - Drops Dark Coat-1-2%

  • Factory - Drops a random fruit and Acidum Rifle

  • Sea Beast - Drops Fist Of Darkness -10% Drop chance Top Hat- 35% Drop chance - Choppa -20% Drop chance

  • Mihawk Boss - lvl 10,000 Drops Yoru [Only spawns when rip_indra is online]

  • Rip indra (Raid Boss) - Drops Valkyrie Helmet 100% chance - Drops Dark Dagger 2.5%/5% chance- Grants access to Portals

  • Soul Reaper - Drops Holy Crown 100% chance - Drops Hallow Scythe 5% chance

  • All around 20-45 minute spawn time (except Raid Bosses)