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Accessory Drops

Pink Coat 

You can get the Pink coat in Impel Down (Jail) by killing Swan (not to be confused with Don Swan.

By killing Swan, you have a chance to get Pink coat(10% drop chance), which is a uncommon accessory. It gives you 200 Health boost, and also 10% gun damage.


You can get Whitebeard's cape by killing Vice-Admiral which is located at Marine Ford.

By killing Vice-Admiral, you have a chance to get Whitebeard's cape(10-15% chance). It gives 200 Energy and also 10% Melee damage.

Cool Shades 

You can get Cool Shades by killing Franky which is located at Water 7 (also known as fountain island or the big cup).

By killing Franky, you have a chance to get Cool Shades. It gives +100 Energy, +100 Health, +7.5% to all damage, and +17.5% movement speed.

.Note there is a 1% chance of getting this drop

Black Spiky Coat

This cape can be acquired by killing Jeremy, a level 850 boss.

Wearing this gives 7.5% damage bonus to any attack as well as a 200 energy and health boost.


You can acquire the Choppa hat by killing Sea Beasts.

Choppa grants the user 3% damage bonus on Devil Fruit attacks, 15% cooldown reduction on Devil Fruit attacks and 10% defense against Devil Fruit attacks.

Top Hat 

You can acquire the Sabo's Top Hat by killing sea beasts.

Sabo's Top Hat grants the user 3% damage bonus on Sword attacks, 10% cooldown reduction on any attacks and 10% defense against Sword attacks.

Note: This has a slightly higher drop chance than the Choppa

Dark Coat 

You can acquire the Dark Coat as a rare drop by killing the raid boss Blackbeard.

The Dark Coat gives the user 15% more damage on Blox Fruit attacks as well as a 500 energy and health boost.

Swan's Glasses 

You can acquire the Swan's Glasses by killing the Level 1000 Boss Don Swan (not to be confused with swan) in his room. To access this room, you must be level 1000, and you must have completed Trevor's quest by giving him an expensive devil fruit (worth 1m+ Beli - so any Devil fruit including Tremor, Buddha, String, Phoenix, Rumble, Paw, Gravity, Dough, Control, Dragon)

Swan's Glasses give 25% faster run speed, 8% damage bonus on all attacks, 8% cooldown reduction on all attacks, 8% defense against all attacks, 250 health and 250 energy. This accessory is widely considered the best.

Zebra Cap 

You can acquire the Zebra Cap by killing Order (Law) which is level 1250. You can give fragments to Arlthmetic above Smoke Admiral. In exchange for the 1500 fragments, he will give you a Microchip. With the chip you can summon Order.

The Zebra Cap gives you a 10% increase in sword damage, 15% Blox Fruit cooldown reduction, 500 energy and 100 health. 

Note: This accessory is a 100% chance drop if you kill Law and get the rewards.

Sword Drops

Shark Saw

The Shark Saw is a sword dropped by the Raid Boss Saw, who spawns every 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Located In Old World


The Trident is dropped by the boss Fisherman Lord. It is a rare weapon.


To get the Saber sword, you must kill the Saber Expert, or Shanks. This weapon is known to be able to deal the highest amount of damage in the game. This weapon is a Legendary weapon.

The drop chance of this item is 100% as long as you do not own Saber in your inventory.

Pole 1st Form

The Pole can be dropped by the Thunder God, not to be confused with the NPC that sells you Pole V2, Enel. The Pole is a Legendary weapon.


The Longsword is a Rare weapon that can be earned in the New World/Second Sea. It is dropped by the boss Diamond.

Gravity Cane

The Gravity Cane is dropped by the boss Fajita, or Fujitora in the anime. It is a Rare weapon and it also has mini Gravity fruit moves.


The sword Jitte is dropped by the boss Smoke Admiral, or Smoker in the anime. It is a sword that has smoke attacks that can blind enemies. It is a Rare sword.


The sword Koko can be dropped by the Raid Boss Order, or Trafalgar D. Water Law in the anime. it has electrical attacks and [[Ken Break (Observation Haki Break)|breaks ken]]. It is a Legendary weapon.


The Rengoku sword is a Legendary weapon. it is technically a boss drop because to get it you need a key that drops from the Awakened Ice Admiral.

Dragon Trident

The Dragon Trident is a Rare weapon that is dropped from the Tide Keeper. It has water attacks and looks like the Trident ere

Gun Drops

Refined Musket

The Refined Musket is dropped by the Magma Admiral. It is a better version of the Musket. The Refined Musket is a Rare weapon.


The Bazooka is dropped by the boss Wysper. It is a rare weapon and it's basically a better version of the Cannon.

Acidum Rifle

The Acidum Rifle is dropped by the Factory Raid Boss. It is a Rare gun and it has good stuns.

Great combo potential mixed with Shisui.