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Bones are a type of currency that were added in Update 16. You can only obtain Bones from the Graveyard island in the Second Sea or the Haunted Castle in the Third Sea.

Obtainable Items / Boosts / Rerolls / Titles

Description Requirement
Resets the player's stat points, similarly to Plokster. 150 Bones.

Description Requirement
Allows the player to Reroll their Race, similarly to Norp. 300 Bones.

Title Requirement Color
Skeleton 250 White
Undead Lord (unobtainable as of Update 17) 500 White
Death King (unobtainable as of Update 17) 2000 Violet

Gives you a random item. Costs 50 Bones. Can only be used a maximum of 10 times per 2 hours. Timer starts when you first purchase a surprise.

Item Rarity
RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png Common
Golden Sunhat Uncommon
Bear Ears
10 Minutes of x2 Exp
Fire Essence Rare
Hallow Essence


Bones can only be obtained from killing enemy NPCs who spawn at the Haunted Castle. This includes the Soul Reaper, who drops 40-50 bones every time he's defeated. The higher level the NPC, the more bones they will drop. Chances of dropping bones also increases and decreases the closer you are to the NPC's level; EX: If you are a few hundred levels below, you will have a good chance of getting a lot of Bones. However, if you are higher by a few hundred levels, you will barely get any bones.


  • Bones work similarly to Candies.
  • There is a base 33% drop chance from Haunted Castle NPCs, meaning there is a 66% chance that the player will not get any bones.