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Rarity Common Bomb is a Paramecia (natural)-type Blox Fruit.

Rarity: Common

It costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png5,000, or Robux.png50, from the Blox Fruit Dealer.

Its Japanese name is Bomu Bomu no Mi, and it is used by gem in the Anime/Manga and the boss Stone.

This fruit is known for always being in stock, alongside Spike. Many players often joke about it being "the best fruit in the game", despite it being at the very bottom. This fruit has a 100% chance of being in stock and a 15% chance to spawn in-game.


Key Name Description Damage tier Mastery
Z key perfections.png
The user shoots a small bomb-like projectile that explodes on contact.
Cooltext D.png
1 Mastery
X key perfect.png
Ultimate Explosion
The user lets out a multitude of bombs from their body, causing a series of explosions that deals multiple ticks of damage to enemies.
Cooltext C.png
15 Mastery

Moves Gif
Bomb skill z.gif
Ultimate Explosione
Bomb skill x.gif


Can be better than Spike since it is cheaper and has more range.
Fun for trolling.
All moves have AOE and can break destructable objects.
Very cheap, and is always in stock.
Z move has decent range.
X move breaks Ken Haki.
Good for beginners without a fruit.

Bad hitboxes.
EXTREMELY low damage.
Terrible for grinding in comparison to other Fruits.
Only two moves.
Terrible combo potential.
No mobility.
Terrible for PvP.

Pole V2 Z + Pole V2 X + Death Step C + Death Step Z + Acidum Rifle Z + 1 or 2 Death Step M1 + Bomb X + Death Step X


Bomb is also used, by the Boss, Stone / Gem (in anime / manga).

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