Bobby is the boss of the Pirate Village.

His quest gives 8,000 Beli and 35,000 EXP upon completion and he drops 1375 Bounty/Honor and 900-1100 mastery XP upon his defeat.

Bobby's Chop Chop fruit power gives him immunity to all Sword attacks (except fruit swords, like Ice or Light, since they scale with the Blox Fruit stat). You must use Devil Fruit, Gun, or Fighting Style attacks to beat him instead.

Bobby uses a sword to attack. He slashes 3 times diagonally, doing 60.1 damage each time, and ends it with a jab, knocking you backwards, and dealing 66.8 damage. Occasionally, he will use Air Slash. He can also use the 'Dance' attack from the Chop fruit.

Bobby's respawn time is 9 minutes and 37 seconds.


Bobby is based off of Buggy The Clown in the anime One Piece.

He uses the Chop-Chop Fruit.

Despite using a Sword, Logia and Chop immunity does not apply to him as he is a Boss.

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