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Bobby is a level 55 Boss NPC. He wields a standard Cutlass, which is his basic means of attack.

Move Description Damage Move Notes How To Avoid
Air Slash Bobby swings his sword before releasing an air slash towards the player. Around 30-50 He uses this attack when active / a player is in range. Constantly move, expecting that this move will be used.
Dance Bobby separates his body and proceeds to "dance," damaging any player close enough. 70 He uses this attack whenever the player gets too close to him. Keep your distance.


Bobby is located on the Pirate Village (formerly known as Bobby Island) at the back of one the houses. He is on the deck.


Bobby's Chop fruit gives him immunity to every sword-type attack (except fruit swords, like Ice or Light, since they scale with the Blox Fruit stat). You must use your Blox Fruit, Gun, or Fighting Style attacks to beat him.

Upon defeating him, the player gains 1375 Bounty/Honor and 900-1100 Experience Points for the item they defeated him with upon his defeat.

Bobby's respawn time is 9 minutes and 37 seconds.

Despite using a Sword, Elemental and Chop immunity does not apply to him as he is a Boss.


Bobby uses a sword to attack. He slashes 3 times diagonally, doing 60.1 damage each time, and ends it with a jab, knocking you backwards, and dealing 66.8 damage. Occasionally, he will use Air Slash. He can also use the 'Dance' attack from the Chop fruit if you get too close.


Level Required: 55


  • RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png8,000
  • 45,000 EXP


  • Bobby is based on the pirate captain character in One Piece, Buggy.
  • Inside the building in which he spawns, there is a Golden Chest.