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A boat is a method of transportation if you don't have a Fruit with flight or transportation.


  • Sleigh (B$ 5k) (This Boat cannot be purchased anymore, but it can still be spawned if bought it during the Xmas event and costs 1000 Candies)

Boat Sellers:

Boat Dealer

Luxury Boat Dealer

Advanced Marine Boat Dealer

  • The exact same ships as normal boat dealer, but cheaper and looks different.


  • When you first start the game, you will not have access to the Basic and Brigade boat.
  • You need boats to spawn a Sea Beast.
  • The more boats near each other, greater chance of spawning a Sea Beast.
  • Marine ships are cheaper, look different, and are faster than Pirates ships.
  • If you are a Marine, you will not be sold a Dinghy for free, instead is a Sloop.