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Boats are a method of transportation in Blox Fruits, mostly used by players without a Flight ability. They can be purchased from various locations with sea access, most commonly docks.

The Boat Dealer, the Luxury Boat Dealer, and the Advanced Marine Boat Dealer can be used to spawn boats for a set price. Marines also have a discount on every Boat (EXCEPT Luxury Boat Dealer's Boats)

Types of Boats

Boat Dealer

Luxury Boat Dealer

The player needs to have the Fast Boats Gamepass, in order to spawn the "Speedboat" and "Enforcer" boats.

Notes for Luxury Boat Dealer

You don't need Gamepass to spawn Swan Ship, Flower Ship and Sleigh.


  • When first starting the game, the player will not have access to the Basic or the Brigade boat.
  • You can sink these ships more easily with Cyborg v3 (Energy Core)
  • Sea Events occasionally occur when a player sails on boat in the Second Sea or Third Sea.
  • Marine ships bought from the Advanced Marine Boat Dealer are cheaper, faster, and look different than their Pirate counterpart.
  • Boats have health which is shown in the green bar above it. The boat will sink when the health hits 0.
  • Back when the game was in Beta you can make NPC's actually ride your boat this was shortly patched.