Blox Fruits Wiki

Welcome to the main page of the Blox Fruits wiki! This is an unofficial wiki, meaning that the creators/admins of Blox Fruits has not created this. As of currently though, the original founder has left. Person in charge as of currently is user/admin Limeturtkle. Contact them on discord for any help, or in case of a raid.

Rules can be found here. Please read them before doing anything.

If you need to view the stock, please use this page. Creation of any more stock pages is bannable for a week.

It's sad to say, but this wiki is still undergoing recovery from vandalisms and spam. We work a lot in order to fix it. But hey! The good news is that the main info pages are fixed.

Smaller pages like Locations still need some organization though, so please, if you have any info on the game, don't hesitate to contribute to the wiki. :)

There are also some good tips over at Tips and Tricks, check it out!

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