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Last Stock: Kilo, Flame, Diamond

Before Last Stock: Spin, Rumble

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Images Blox Fruits Status of stock Beli Price Robux Price
Bomb .png
Bomb Always in stock $5,000 R$50
Spike Always in stock $7,500 R$75
Chop Yes $30,000 R$100
Spring No $60,000 R$180
Kilo blox fruit.png
Kilo No $80,000 R$220
Smoke Yes $100,000 R$250
Spin blox fruit.png
Spin No $180,000 R$380
Flame No $250,000 R$550
Falcon blox fruit.png
Falcon No $300,000 R$650
Ice No $350,000 R$750
Sand No $420,000 R$850
Dark No $500,000 R$950
Diamond No $600,000 R$1,000
Light No $650,000 R$1100
Love No $700,000 R$1,150
Screenshot 2020-10-28 at 9.22.25 AM.png
Rubber No $750,000 R$1200
Barrier No $800,000 R$1250
Magma No $850,000 R$1300
Door No $950,000 R$1400
Quake No $1,000,000 R$1500
Screenshot 2020-10-28 at 9.28.43 AM.png
Buddha Yes $1,200,000 R$1650
String No $1,500,000 R$1800
Phoenix No $1,800,000 R$2000
Rumble No $2,100,000 R$2100
Paw No $2,300,000 R$2200
Annotation 2020-08-02 201219.png
Gravity No $2,500,000 R$2300
Screenshot 2020-02-08 at 12.36.44 PM.png
Dough No $2,800,000 R$2400
Screenshot 2021-09-11 135352.png
Venom fruit.png
Venom No $3,000,000 R$2450
Control No $3,200,000 R$2500
Dragon fruit.png
Dragon No $3,500,000 R$2600


Click Here to see the Chances of every fruit coming into stock and spawning into the game.

Click Here to see the History of Devil Fruits in Stock for the month of September.

Click Here to see more information about the Blox Fruit Stock Dealer. The stock time intervals are every four hours depending on your time zone.

NOTE: For some countries, like the U.S. and NZ, some clocks may be set one hour forward, due to a practice known as “Daylights Savings Time.” However... the stock intervals will NOT change.

Time Zones

North American Stock Change Times (If Daylight Savings Time, an hour will be set back).
Pacific Time 1 AM 5 AM 9 AM 1 PM 5 PM 9 PM
Mountain Time 2 AM 6 AM 10 AM 2 PM 6 PM 10 PM
Central Time 3 AM 7 AM 11 AM 3 PM 7 PM 11 PM
Eastern Time 4 AM 8 AM 12 PM 4 PM 8 PM 12 AM