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Blox Fruits Wiki

Blox Fruits (A.K.A. Devil Fruits) are split into three categories, which usually defines their set of moves/abilities.

  • Natural, which usually has no passive ability, and is the most common type of Blox Fruit.
  • Elemental, which usually have a passive ability that allows users to bypass any damage, if the enemy has a 5% lower level, and does not use Enhancement, or a Blox Fruit.
    • In order to be able to hit and damage an Elemental fruit user without using a Blox Fruit, you need to use Enhancement. It can be bought at the Frozen Village island for 25,000 Beli from the Ability Teacher in the cave.
  • Beast, which usually allows users to transform to a beast or an animal.

Some Blox fruits (usually Elemental ones) have a so-called "mobility" move; a move that lets the user fly or travel at high speed.

Blox Fruits can be obtained by finding them randomly in the game (mostly under trees) which will spawn every 60 minutes after a server starts, and despawns after 20 minutes if not picked up by a player. The player can also buy them from the Blox Fruit Dealer using RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png or Robux.png.

The Blox Fruit Dealer uses a system that we call "Stock", where they sell random fruits that gets restocked every 4 hours. To check the current stock, you can go onto this page.

Besides the Dealer, there are a multitude of other ways of getting Blox Fruits.

  • Paying RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png to get a random fruit from the Blox Fruits Dealer Cousin, however, the price varies based on your level. Max level players can buy a fruit from him at around RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png339,850, but for level 1 players, they cost RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png25,000.
  • Getting the last hit on a Factory raid (Second & Third Sea)
  • Defeating the (Tanky) pirate that appear in the pirate raid on the Castle on the Sea (Third Sea).

If the player instead wants to remove their fruit, they can pay RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png50,000 to an NPC called Blox Fruit Remover, located at the Prison, or at the top of the Castle on the Sea.

Falling into a body of water while having a Blox Fruit power will cause the player to take a lot of damage, very quickly (Sand users also take 2x damage from water). This goes for every fruit in the game. However, being a member of the Fishman Race decreases damage from water, and even completely nullifies it if the player "evolves" the race.

Later on in the game, the player will also be able to "awaken" their Blox Fruit.

General Information

Fruit Price (Beli) Price (Robux) Type Ability Levels
Bomb RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png5000 Robux.png50 Paramecia/Natural 1, 15
Spike RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png7,500 Robux.png75 Paramecia/Natural 1, 15
Chop RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png30,000 Robux.png100 Paramecia/Natural 1, 20, 50
Spring RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png60,000 Robux.png180 Paramecia/Natural 1, 20, 60, 80
Kilo RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png80,000 Robux.png220 Paramecia/Natural 1, 20, 50, 75
Smoke RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png100,000 Robux.png250 Logia/Elemental 1, 20, 50, 10
Spin RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png180,000 Robux.png380 Paramecia/Natural 1, 50, 90, 25
Flame RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png250,000 Robux.png550 Logia/Elemental 1, 25, 50, 100, 10
Falcon RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png300,000 Robux.png650 Zoan/Beast 1, 1, 80, 120, 20
Ice RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png350,000 Robux.png750 Logia/Elemental 1, 25, 50, 100
Sand RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png420,000 Robux.png850 Logia/Elemental 1, 40, 80, 120, 15
Dark RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png500,000 Robux.png950 Logia/Elemental 1, 40, 80, 110,
Revive RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png550,000 Robux.png975 Paramecia/Natural 1, 60, 110, 30
Diamond RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png600,000 Robux.png1,000 Paramecia/Natural 1, 1, 80, 110
Light RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png650,000 Robux.png1,100 Logia/Elemental 1, 40, 80, 110, 10
Love RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png700,000 Robux.png1,150 Paramecia/Natural 1, 25, 50, 100
Rubber RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png750,000 Robux.png1,200 Paramecia/Natural 1, 20, 50, 150
Barrier RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png800,000 Robux.png1,250 Paramecia/Natural 1, 45, 90, 130, 10
Magma RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png850,000 Robux.png1,300 Logia/Elemental 1, 45, 95, 140, 10
Door RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png950,000 Robux.png1,400 Paramecia/Natural 1, 50, 200, 100
Quake RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png1,000,000 Robux.png1,500 Paramecia/Natural 1, 50, 100, 150
Buddha RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png1,200,000 Robux.png1,650 Zoan/Beast 1, 1, 100, 200
String RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png1,500,000 Robux.png1,800 Paramecia/Natural 1, 50, 100, 225, 15
Phoenix RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png1,800,000 Robux.png2,000 Zoan/Beast 1, 90, 160, 250, 30
Rumble RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png2,100,000 Robux.png2,100 Logia/Elemental 1, 90, 160, 250, 30
Paw RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png2,300,000 Robux.png2,200 Paramecia/Natural 1, 100, 200, 300, 50
Gravity RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png2,500,000 Robux.png2,300 Paramecia/Natural 1, 100, 200, 300, 50
Dough RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png2,800,000 Robux.png2,400 Paramecia/Natural 1, 100, 200, 300, 50
Shadow RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png2,900,000 Robux.png2,425 Paramecia/Natural 1, 100, 200, 300, 50
Venom RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png3,000,000 Robux.png2,450 Paramecia/Natural 1, 100, 200, 300, 50
Control RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png3,200,000 Robux.png2,500 Paramecia/Natural 1, 1, 150, 350, 250
Dragon RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png3,500,000 Robux.png2,600 Zoan/Beast 1, 150, 250, 350, 75