Blox Fruits Wiki

The Blox Fruit Dealer, is an NPC that can sell you Blox Fruits. It is one of the three ways to get Blox Fruits. Blox Fruits can either be bought with Beli or Robux. The fruits bought using Beli are only in stock for 4 hours in real time. Players can buy an unlimited amount of a fruit if it is in stock. Fruits can always be bought with Robux regardless of whether or not they're in stock.

NOTE: If you buy a fruit from the dealer, you will not get a physical form of the Blox Fruit and instead it’ll replace whatever Blox Fruit you have with the one you've bought.

The most expensive fruit he sells is Dragon. If you want to know the current stock and fruit chances, go to Blox Fruits ¨Stock¨ and Chances. If you buy a Blox Fruit with Robux, you can use it anytime you want, but if you have bought the Blox Fruit with Beli, after changing to another fruit, you will need to either find the fruit again or repurchase it for the original price.

The times for fruits to restock are below:

Time Zones:

North American Stock Change Times
Pacific Time 1 AM 5 AM 9 AM 1 PM 5 PM 9 PM
Mountain Time 2 AM 6 AM 10 AM 2 PM 6 PM 10 PM
Central Time 3 AM 7 AM 11 AM 3 PM 7 PM 11 PM
Eastern Time 4 AM 8 AM 12 PM 4 PM 8 PM 12 AM

These time vary for different time zones as well as daylight savings time