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The Bizarre Rifle is a Rare long range Gun, an often under-looked gun with a very good combo potential.


To obtain the Bizarre Rifle you need to:

  1. Have 25 Ectoplasm.
  2. Buy the Bizarre Rifle from El Rodolfo, located on Cursed Ship. (Which you need to be at least level 1000 to enter.)


The Bizarre Gun, as all Guns, has two moves.

Key Name Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Heat-seeking Shot You shoot out a blue ball that does moderate damage. Even if you miss, it will attempt to hit the target if it's close enough. It will only home in on the target once. This move doesn't Observation Break. It can also stun for a very short period of time (about 0.3 seconds). 150
X key perfection 3.png
Hellfire Shower You shoot a burst of four shots that are kind of like Awakened Flame's burning effect, but much stronger and dark blue. The flames breaks Observation. This move deal one of the highest burn damage in the game. 300


Gun main

Hybrid (1400 defense, 1300 fruit and gun, the rest is melee)


  • Deals the highest damage of all Guns.
  • The Z move, [Heat-seeking Shot], has auto-aim.
  • X move leaves flames that can deal extra damage.
  • Extremely cheap and worth buying.


  • Highest skill mastery requirement of all Guns (300 mastery).
  • Has no stuns (unlike Acidum Rifle)
  • Minks/Ghouls can dodge the skills easily because they're fast.
  • Rubber


This gun deal the highest damage out of all guns if the enemy stays in the fire. However, it is still recommended to use Acidum Rifle due to the good damage and stuns.

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