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Phoenix is a Beast-type Blox Fruit. It costs RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png1,800,000, or Robux.png2,000, from the Blox Fruit Dealer. This fruit also needs Fragments.png 18,500 to fully awaken, which costs the most Fragments to awaken out of all fruits you can awaken.

This fruit is one of the 13 fruits that glows in its physical form (the others being Love, Barrier, Quake, Buddha, Rumble, Paw, Gravity, Shadow, Control, Venom, Soul and Dragon).

It was added in Update 2, and was incredibly powerful, but was then later nerfed heavily in Update 3. Phoenix awakening was added in Update 17.2. Despite being fairly expensive, some people think that it (the non-awakened variant) has little to no grinding potential. Others however, think that it is very good in grinding, Raids, and fights overall.

This is one of the 11 fruits that can be awakened.

V1: This fruit is a good support fruit as it can heal allies and it also has a good flight skill, but the skills are slow but not so much knock-back, making it horrible in both PvP and Grinding. It also only has 2 damaging skills, of which the C skill is awful despite the short cooldown.

V2: fixed a lot of flaws that V1 has. This fruit, when awakened, is widely considered to be one of the best in the game, due to the extra 15% defense during Blazing Plumage and mobility upgrades. Furthermore, you can now do melee attacks with it, making it extremely useful. It's also a very solid choice for Raids, PvP, and even Grinding. It has a lot more damaging skills than its predecessor, all skills deal damage and it has a melee attack, providing the player with more damaging options. The Z skill is improved in terms of damage and AoE. The X skill deals damage, C skill is easier to hit and cooler, V and F deal damage. V and F offers some insane mobility while allows you to use other Phoenix skills. The C skill, M1 and F (in Phoenix mode) are dash skills, further improving mobility.


Name Description
Transformation Upon transforming into the Phoenix form, the player's energy will start draining automatically. However, the player will gain 15% damage resistance against any attack, passive flight, stun immunity and a buff to the moves from the hybrid counterpart(it does not buff the damage).
Excruciating Restraint When the user goes under 33% of their health or energy or loses 30% of their health in 1 second, they will automatically snap out of Phoenix form.

Key Name Description Mastery
Transparent Z button.png
Cannon The user extends both wings and releases them forward to make a powerful mid-range attack with high knockback.
Transparent X button.png
Regeneration Flames The user evokes blue/yellow flames around themselves to regain health in a certain radius(can also heal other players within the radius).
Transparent C button.webp
Fast Kick The user pulls back both wings and dashes forwards, releasing a quick kick in the direction the user is facing. The cooldown for this move is the second shortest.
Transparent V button.png
Full Transformation The user fully transforms into a blue and yellow Phoenix.
Transparent F button.png
Hybrid Flight Allows the user to fly in hybrid form, does not drain the energy, but the player must hold the F key, or d-pad right on Xbox. The player will gain fiery yellow wings with blue borders.

Key Attack name Description Fragment cost
Transparent Z button.png
Cremation Cannon The user swiftly shoots a rift of flames in the direction of their cursor that explodes on contact. Can leave flames on the ground that deal tick damage. In total, this deals around 3000-3750 damage. This ability shoots out three ball of blue fires once in transformation that leaves three paths of blue flames. If you are close enough to the enemies, all three balls can strike the same target, dealing MASSIVE damage.
Fragments.png 500
Transparent X button.png
Blue Flames The user covers themselves in a huge bubble, healing themselves based on how long the move is hold. The bubble will also act as a barrier that damages and knockback anything that come close enough. The bubble get bigger once in transformation and may or may not deal more damage
  • An exception to this is players who are currently allied to the user, which will also heal along with the user.
Transparent C button.webp
Flame Exodus The uses dashes forwards in a rift of flames. If the user comes into contact with an enemy, they will bring them up into the air using a tornado-like spell made out of phoenix flames, then crash the enemy into the ground, dealing explosion damage and leaving flames on the ground that deal tick damage. In total, this deals almost 5000 damage to an NPC. Around 3000 to a player(burn included).
Transparent V button.png
Blazing Plumage The user fully transforms into a blue and yellow Phoenix, improving their abilities. Passively drains 10 energy per second. This ability provide an unknown amount of damage reduction and presumably other buffs. You can also fly passively once in transformation, but you will be unable to use any other weapons aside from your fruit. Once activated, this ability leave a spot of Blue Flame on the ground that deal surprisingly high damage
Transparent F button.png
Swift Flight Gives the user a pair of wings and feet, and works like an activation move.
  • The user can fly freely using the movement keys, and is not steered by the cursor.
  • Stops energy regeneration while active.
  • If the user stops mid-air, blue and yellow flames will rain down from their wings, doing small tick damage.
  • Unlike other Beast fruits, when you press F in transformed form, . The user will dash forward and claw at the enemy a few times before launching them away with a small explosion. In total, this deals around 3000 damage(this can be dodged).
Click Tap The user dashes forward in the direction of the cursor, slightly stunning the enemies and creating an explosion after the dash. This move deal moderate damage at about 2000, but have the fastest cooldown in the game of 3 seconds.

Name GIF
Cremation Cannon
Blue Flames
Flame Exodus
Blazing Plumage
Swift Flight

[Z] Cremation Cannon
[F] Swift Flight
[X] Blue Flames
[C] Flame Exodus
[Click] TAP
[V] Blazing Plumage

Review (Phoenix v1)

  • Damage : E+ (E+ If transformed)
  • Grind : C
  • Range : B (B+ if transformed)
  • Durability : S+
  • Mobility : B+
  • Difficulty : C+ (Note: the easier the fruit is in use, the higher tier )
  • PvP : B-
  • Bounty hunting : C+
  • Fun : B+
  • Combo potential : C

Review (Phoenix v2)

  • Damage : C+ (B- if transformed)
  • Grind : S+
  • Range : A+ (S- If transformed)
  • Durability : S / S+
  • Mobility : S (S+ If transformed)
  • Difficulty : S (Note: the easier the fruit is in use, the higher tier)
  • PvP : S- / S+(Depends on the player)
  • Bounty hunting : S- / S+
  • Fun : S
  • Combo potential : A+ (has some knockback skills)


This fruit has a different awakening method different from other fruits. Normally, you'd purchase a chip from the Mysterious Scientist, but this one's trickier, and not by a bit;

  1. Obtain 400+ mastery on Bird: Phoenix
  2. Talk to Sick Scientist located at the Sea of Treats. (The raid chip can also be purchased through the Mysterious Scientist, even in the Second Sea, after you have purchased it for at least one time from the Sick Scientist)
    • He'll sell the player the Phoenix raid chip for Fragments.png 1,000 or a physical fruit that costs equal to or above RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png 1,000,000.
    • Purchasing a chip has a 2 hour cooldown, similar to the Cousin.
    • The quest is permanent, so when you switch Phoenix, you can still buy the raid chip.
    • When buying the special microchip from the Sick Scientist it will say it costs Fragments.png1,500 instead of Fragments.png1,000 but it actually costs Fragments.png1,000.

Keep in mind you can still join other players' Phoenix raids and awaken the fruit before 400 mastery, you just need them to purchase the chip.

If you see a youtube video called secret phoenix revamp that is a concept not truly added in the game.


(Both V1 and V2) Hard to be killed due to the fact that Regeneration Flames (Or Blue Flames) used with full body can heal the player even better than Heavenly Blood.
(Both V1 and V2) Very good support fruit if used for fighting a boss or doing Raids, as it can heal teammates. This is somewhat a good fruit for non-fruit mains from it's fast healing and ability to heal other teammates.
(V2)Swift flight gives you a huge upper hand against player who is using ground based fruits, as you can attack while you are flying
(Both V1 and V2) Good for bounty hunting (Player can run away and heal to avoid Bounty / Honor loss).
(V2) Phoenix Awakened Tap can be used as a 2nd dash (3rd dash in Full Body) and has a 3 seconds cooldown. Providing additional mobility
(V2) Moves got very low cooldown, it's spammable
(V2)the second tankiest fruit in the game once awakened due to the damage reduction and the fact that X move knockback any player attempting to attack the user while healing. This can be negated however with long range attacks
(Both V1 and V2) Has stun immunity in certain cases which is good in pvp situations.
(V2) Swift flight doesn't need to be held in order for you to stay flying, relieves your finger from holding F
(Both V1 and V2) Drains energy slowly. The full form mode lasts for 7-8 minutes with max melee stat and the mode lasts much longer than Dragon mode (If you're not attacking).
(Both V1 and V2) Phoenix's (Not transformed) Z move can break Ken Haki. Phoenix's (Transformed) Z and C move can break Observation.
(Both V1 and V2) Good for raids, as it can be a support fruit due to its healing capabilities.
(V1)It is the 3rd fastest flight when transformed (not 4th because Door doesn't have a flight skill).
(V2) has relatively large AOE and high damage with its attacks
(V2) Z move is an instant ken-breaking move, great move in PvP's (same for the transformed).
(V2) Actually does the highest damage out of all fruits as the F move can passively deal burn damage, allowing it to do infinite damage.

(Both V1 and V2) Full Transformation starts draining more energy as the player move with it, and if the player snap out of the form, will result in low energy or health, rendering the player not being able to run from the opponent. This can somewhat be prevented by using Cyborg race
(V1) Has only 2 actual attack skills
(V2)Required 400 mastery and 1000 fragment or a 1M+ fruit for hosting the raid. Making it by far the hardest fruit to awaken.
(V1)Not very good for grinding because it is a Zoan fruit and not a Logia fruit, and C skill is single target.
(V2) X move is impractical to be use as an offensive move in PvP
Knockback on this fruit makes it harder to grind.
(V1)Lack of stun moves, making Phoenix a below average attack support for guns and sword mains. This is only true for V1
(V1)One of the worst fruit for Combo due to the lack of stun moves and inconsistency with other skills. This is only true for V1
(V2) Tap got a bug that the explosion won't hit the enemy
Water, unless Fishman V2 or V3.
(V2)It has recently been nerfed heavily (damage on all moves has been decreased, end lag was added to some, passive defense in Phoenix form has been reduced from 30% to 15%, phoenix healing now reduces speed by 33% instead of 50%, etc.


  • The Awakened version of this fruit is one of the few fruits to have an M1 mechanic, along with Ice and Light.
  • This fruit is the second Beast-type fruit to get an awakening, the first being Human: Buddha.
  • Because the damaging flame passive and infinite flight passive on Swift Flight, you can stall above Enemies and get them damaged. Making it an ideal way to farm money/mastery.
  • This is the first fruit to require Mastery Requirement in order to obtain a chip for a raid.
  • This fruit is the only fruit in the entire game (as of currently) to have ranged M1s.


V1 combos

Pole Z, X, Acidum Rifle Z, Phoenix Z, C, Superhuman Z, C, Flashstep, X.

Pole Z, X, Acidum Rifle Z, Phoenix Z, C, Electric Claw X, C, Z (up).

Pole Z, X, Acidum Rifle Z, Phoenix Z, C Death Step C, Z, X.

Pole Z, X, Acidum Rifle Z, Phoenix Z, C, Sharkman Karate X, Z, X

Pole Z, X, Acidum Rifle Z, Phoenix Z,C, Dragon Talon

V2 combos

Pole V2 Z, X, Phoenix Z, Electric Claw X, Electric Claw C, look up, Phoenix C, keep looking up, Phoenix Tap, Electric Claw Z (One shot combo)

[ Awk Phoenix ] Z + C + (look up ) + tap + Spikey trident X + Kabucha X + Sharkman Z + X + C (one shot combo)

Pole Z, X Electric claw Z(onto target) C (look up) Phoenix C Z(up)

[ Awk Phoenix only simple combo ] Z + F + ( go backwards + spam C) C + click ( upwards )

[Awk Phoenix] F + Z + Click + C + Click

With Ghoul + Pale Scarf - F + Z + Click + C + Click + Z + Click + C(Repeat till over)

Simple Combo: (Transformed) F + Z + C + E Claw C + Click

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