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Beli is one of the 3 currencies used in Blox Fruits. It can be gained from killing NPCs, completing Quests, collecting Chests, doing Factory Raids, and fighting Raid Bosses. It can be used to buy WeaponsBlox Fruits or Abilities. You can also get beli by completing bounties on other players or by killing youtubers in good standings.

Beli is also obtainable using Robux, but it's not recommended because you can get Beli very easily. Getting the 2x Beli gamepass will help you earn cash a lot quicker, so it's recommended for you to get it if possible.

Maximum beli: 1,000,000,000 Beli (At this point)

Ways to grind Beli fast :

  • You can farm Beli easily by sever hop bosses.

If you have a private sever, there’s 2 ways:

In old world:

  1. Set spawn at upper yard, second area and collect all chests and repeat (when you rejoin the chest automatically respawns).

New world:

  1. Set spawn at forgotten island, collect all chests there and you will receive approximately 20k Beli (Go around the house and check the location where Tide Keeper spawns.)
  2. Set spawn at cursed ship collect all chests then rejoin and repeat.


The code Fudd10 gives you 1 Beli this is unfortunately just a troll code.

There is another Code Fudd10_V2 that gives you 2 beli which is unfortunately another troll code