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The Beautiful Pirate is a level 1950 Boss that rewards the player with RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png50,000 and 100,000,000 EXP upon defeat with his quest active. He has a chance of dropping the Canvander and also uses it as his main weapon.

Once low enough health, he gets all of his HP back and "awakens". Once awakened, he will begin to emit a purple smoke, deal more damage, and have faster skills.

He is called Cavendish in the anime/manga

He also must be defeated to complete the Horned Man final quest, to unlock the Rainbow Saviour color, for Enhancement.

Move Description Damage Move Notes How To Avoid
Piercing Dash The Beautiful Pirate dashes through the player whilst slashing them 6 times. TBA None Observation
Scattering Gust The Beautiful Pirate dashes towards the enemy and sends the player through 5 powerful slashes. TBA None Keep a distance.


The Beautiful Pirate spawns every 45 minutes, and is located in a big room under Hydra Island, only accessible at level 1950, via a door at the Floating Turtle in the Third Sea. The door is located below the Tree where the Horned Man NPC is located.


Players can still access his room even below Lv. 1950. There are multiple ways to do so, with a few ways being to:

  1. Go to Hydra Island and go to Training Dummy;
  2. Behind the Training Dummy, Flash Step in the wall behind it;
  3. The player will see a box shaped room, go there;
  4. Use Flash Step again to get in the room (make sure to stand on the small brown square because it's way easier).

There's also another way and it's much easier. Requirements is to have access to the Portals.

  1. Make sure to hold a move during teleportation (To Hydra Island, NOT Floating Turtle).
  2. Player will glitch out and the player will see the brown box.
  3. Look for the brown square (on the edge of the room), stand in there and try to Flash Step inside (Can use a teleportation move, like Dark awaken F / Door fruit).
  4. Another Way is go to Hydra Island, there Will Be a Way for Yama, but before going inside to river, player need to go up edge of the river, finding a hole which will lead, the player, to the Beautiful Pirate domain.

Beautiful Pirate can be easily countered (without Buddha), but this requires a high level (2000+), and having long ranged attacks.

Player need to skim around the edges of the map, and keep ranged. Spam ranged moves and the Boss will slowly take damage.

Beautiful Pirate Second Form