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Beast is a classification/category of Blox Fruit that can transform you into an animal or a beast. The others being Natural and Elemental.

There are currently only 4 Beast fruits in the game, Buddha, Phoenix, Dragon, and Falcon (Falcon only has half body transformation, unlike Dragon, Phoenix and Buddha) is the only new Beast fruit that was added during Update 15. All of them are known to be notoriously buggy due to their transformation ability

Venom has transformation as well however is classified as paracemia in the stocks, a lot of people are confused on why this isn't a zoan type it says here that it transforms you to an animal or a beast, but venom doesn't transform you into a animal/beast it transforms you into a creature that is made out of venom.



All Beast fruits have a special ability and that is transforming the user into a beast/creature at will.

Transforming into a beast causes you to increase in size, appearance, health and damage, but in return, makes you easy to hit.

Recommended for players who farm frequently, as the fruits massively boosts damage and HP.

Can be effective in PVP if used correctly, these fruits have slow cooldown, thus requires predictability and deception to outwit your opponent.

Remember, these fruits are notoriously laggy, it may crash the game!


Dragon is currently one of strongest Beast fruit in the game, that is if used right.

  • Good Damage
  • Has Extreme knockback on first ability
  • Bad for starters, recommend Falcon or Buddha instead
  • Has good speed flight
  • Does not make up for not having Elemental
  • Has Explosive attacks, which means you don't have to exactly hit the person, directly
  • All Attacks break Observation
  • Has good range for Z move


Phoenix is amazing fruit for support and PVP, though again only if used properly. Phoenix V2 is an extremely tanky fruit with decently high damage. It is widely considered to be one of the best Zoan currently due to the unique healing ability and had to be nerfed serveral times shortly after release due to how insanely good it was. It is however, also one of the hardest fruit to awaken in the game

  • Okay Damage (High Damage for V2)
  • Requires 400 mastery or someone with 400 mastery in this fruit and 18k frags to awaken. You will also need to reach third sea and the chip is bought with fragments.
  • Makes up for the lack of Elemental with health regeneration
  • Drains energy quite fast so you will have to deploy X and V move carefully
  • Good because abilities have low cooldown
  • Really fast flight, 2nd fastest after light flight
  • F of V2 is the only passive flight move in the game. Meaning not only do you not have to hold down the F button to fly, you can also use Phoenix's skills while flying.
  • Z of V2 have a suprisingly long range and have a big hitbox
  • X of V2 not only heal you better than v1, it deal quite a large amount of damage once used as an offensive move on NPCs. It also knockback any players who attempt to attack you while you heal
  • C of V2 is very easy to hit and deal a ton of damage
  • The Tap ability of V2 is insanely spammable, break ken haki and provide a lot of mobility due to the extremely short cooldown
  • V ability of V2 last up to 10 minutes and give you unparallel air superiority. It also make the Z move fire 3 huge Blue fire ball
  • Z C and V of V2 have leave a blue flame on the ground that deal way higher damage than normal flames


Buddha is an amazing fruit for raids and grinding, although not great for PVP. Buddha V2 however, is very versatile, as it is a jack of all trades fruit and is amazing at everything, especially grinding and raiding. It can be considered to be the best Beast fruit due to the insane versatility

  • You can walk on water with awakened Buddha, as the Buddha hitbox is the torso not the legs.
  • Have a bug that can let you travel faster than Light's Shining Flight.(patched as of update 17 part 2)
  • Low Damage in V1/ Huge damage if you have full awakening
  • No flight
  • Your speed become significantly slower.
  • Very good for any main, sword gun or fruit.
  • Arguably has the best passive in the game out of all fruits. This include: 50% damage reduction that is stackable with Enhancement, 5 times larger than normal melee clicks, being able to swim in water.
  • Best fruit for raid
  • One of the best fruits for grinding, if not the best.
  • Every move breaks Observation. When awakened, it is the only fruit in the game currently that can break ken with every moves, even Z and F. Even jumping while in awakened form can break Observation.
  • F skill make you invincible during the attack.
  • Very easy to use. You just need to get a melee and spam click or use an autoclicker.
  • V move of awakend budhha is one of the best damage skill in the game


Falcon is the cheapest Beast fruits in the game currently. It's a decent fruit, but the only Beast type with no transformation.

  • Decent damage
  • Fast Flight
  • Low mastery required
  • Good for players under LVL 700
  • No transformation
  • 10% damage reduction passive once you activated the Z move


Beast fruits are really useful in raids as all of them have a very useful ability. Dragon have transform which buffs all moves hitting most opponents in its hitbox. Buddha have a big hitbox on melee and can solo pretty much any raid with the right build and the right stats. Phoenix has a heal ability which can be extremely useful in raids.