What Barrier looks like in Stock

Barrier-Barrier is a Paramecia (natural)-type Devil Fruit that costs 800,000B$ or 1,250R$ in the shop. Its Japanese name is Bari Bari no Mi. This fruit is pretty good, since it can make people stuck in place for a short amount of time. It's okay for raids, since you can use barrier wall, and just let your friends combo the npc/boss itself. Here is a barrier showcase: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CoykZyicAl8


The Barrier fruit has 5 moves.

Key Name Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Barrier Wall
The player fires a medium-sized rectangular barrier that damages opponents
X key perfect.png
Surprise Attack
The player teleports to their cursor and slams down on the ground, dealing high AoE damage. Very glitchy if used in a building, since you teleport out of it.
C key perfect.png
Barrier Prison
The player fires a sphere that can be controlled with their mouse, which traps opponents while damaging them. You are uninterruptible and invincible while using this move. If you "throw" the opponent (by aiming the cursor at a wall) it has a chance to slam into the wall and do extra AoE(Area of Effect) damage. Not guaranteed. Note: This move can be used to drag/throw opponents into the water.
V key perfect.png
Barrier Towers
The player summons 5 large barrier towers in front of them that slams into the ground that deal high damage. Also buries opponents.
F key.png
You summon a constantly growing staircase in the direction your character is facing that will continue to go up until you run out of stamina or release the key. Takes around 1 energy per step created. It is decent in aerial mobility since it allows you to reset skyjump without touching the ground, helping you reach higher heights.


Decent fruit for controlling the area and fight

  • Good defense against ranged attacks.
  • Z Move can be used as a counter just like Gravity's Z Move
  • X Move can be used as a free escape move.
  • Good for defending yourself against Bounty Hunters
  • The V move is not too hard to land.
  • You can use your C move to drag a fruit user to the ocean
  • Can glitch people into the ground.
  • You can reset Sky Jump in mid-air using F move, allowing Barrier users to dash more, across the ocean.
  • Is decent for raids since you can block out enemies.
  • Has a lot of combo potential when used with other weapons that have special properties such as blinding or stun.
  • Works extremely well in crowded areas.


  • Even though you can reset your Sky Jump, Barrier is very weak in aerial combat.
  • Barrier is weak in long ranged battles.
  • Is not recommended for grinding enemies (excluding bosses).
  • Barrier Prison is not the best against people who have an arsenal of mobility moves. (Due to them being able to dodge it more consistently).
  • The barrier wall can be used as a standing ground, if the enemy takes advantage of it.
  • The mobility move isn't great in horizontal movement.
  • Barrier has some moves that leave you open to being attacked when you use them.
  • Surprise Attack is not good in enclosed spaces.
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