The Bandit is one of the 2 weakest enemies in the game, the other being the marine trainees. They are the only enemy located at Pirates Starter Island. It takes a bandit 5 seconds to respawn once killed.


The Bandits have brown messy hair with a scar on their face. They tend to wear a Brown Vest along with Grey pants and dirtied bandages wrapped around his fists.


The Bandit is easy to defeat with 100HP and 3,2 dmg per hit. As long as you have Cutlass/Katana or you use ranged attacks or Blox Fruits with a stat of 4. It is recommended to fight one at a time rather than grouping them up, If you’re level 1-5. The bandits can be tough for new players, rarely. Gather each one with katana or cutlass and use z move or recommended to use light sword and gather them up while having logia.


Logia comes in effect at level 5.

Note: They are actually pretty good for farming money in old world due to their low hp.

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