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The Bandits are one of Blox Fruits' two weakest enemies (the others being the Trainees). Bandits are the only enemies on Pirates Starter Island. When a bandit is defeated, it takes 5 seconds for them to respawn.


The Bandits have brown hair that is unkempt and a scar on their face. They usually wear a brown vest, grey pants, and dirty bandages wrapped around their fists.


The Bandit quest can be received from the Bandit Quest Giver.

Level Requirement: 0


  • 300 EXP
  • RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png350


With 100HP and 3.2 dmg per hit, the Bandit is easily defeated. As long as you have a Cutlass/Katana or use ranged attacks or Blox Fruits with a stat of 4 or higher. Rarely, the bandits can be difficult for new players. Use the z move to gather each one with the Katana or Cutlass. It is best to use a logia fruit, preferably Ice or Light to grind these NPCs.