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Arowe is an NPC that allows the player to evolve their Race to V3, the third and final stage. Upgrading your race to V3 will give a few cosmetic changes and a varying race skill. It is one of the most important NPC in the second-third sea.


Arowe is found in a hidden room under Diamond's hill.


In order to upgrade their race, the player needs:

  • Any race upgraded to V2
  • Defeated Don Swan
  • RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png2,000,000

Arowe will then give the player a quest for their current race. If the player leaves the game, all progress on the quest is lost, and they have to speak to him upon rejoin.

Race Quest
Human Kill Diamond, Jeremy, and Fajita.
Sky Kill another player with the Sky race.
  • Deemed to be the hardest due to the lack of people that use Sky.
Mink Collect 30 Chests.
Fish Kill a Sea Beast (a real Sea Beast, not a Summon Sea Beast).
Ghoul Kill 5 players.
  • Can't be the same player.
Cyborg Give Arowe a physical Blox Fruit.

To upgrade their race, the player needs to pay RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png2,000,000 after finishing the quest.


  • Wenlocktoad, a removed NPC, had the same function. He was replaced by Arowe in Update 14.
  • Arowe is one of the sons of rip_indra(According to rumor).


To get White/Slayer Dark Blade, you need to have every race (EXCLUDING: Ghoul Race and Cyborg Race) at v3.