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The Alchemist is a MISC. NPC, located at the Green Zone. He can be found behind some giant vines, right below a blue mushroom. The Alchemist can evolve your race to V2 if you complete the Flower Quest. However, you cannot talk to him if you do not meet the requirements. You need to do this quest again if you switch your race and want to evolve it.

The Flower Quest

Level 850+
Have completed Bartillo's Quest.
500,000RobloxScreenShot20201108 115055603.png

Once the above requirements are met, the Alchemist also wants you to collect three flowers: The Blue Flower, Red Flower, and Yellow Flower, in order to evolve your race. However, if you leave the server or die, your flower(s) will be lost, and you will have to collect them again.


You can find the locations of the flowers here.

  • The Blue Flower only spawns during the night. It will not spawn while Darkbeard is summoned, even if it's nightime. There is also a chance that two blue flowers will spawn in one night, but it's uncommon.
  • The Red Flower only spawns during the day, and despawns when night falls (except when new Server or Private Server, it will spawn on the morning of the second day, and during the morning of the first day will not spawn)
  • The Yellow Flower can only be obtained by killing any NPC's in the Second Sea. It is not guaranteed so you have to kill several npcs to get it.