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Admin Abilities are a set of abilities which can only be used by admins (AKA people who have Studio access to the game), as well as a few specs created for certain players.

Black Bomb

Black bomb.png

Black Bomb is simply an ability that summons a huge black bomb that deals decent damage to others (similar to Rumble V1's V move), which is actually just a reskin. It looks pretty cool, though.


A GIF of someone being teleported by Mangekyo.

The Mangekyo is an ability which lets the player teleport anyone anywhere while a Mangekyo Sharingan displays on the other player's screen.

  • This ability can be used to teleport non-admin players to special locations.
Paskistan kamui.png

Pakistan Dimension

The Pakistan Dimension is a special location that can be summoned using Mangekyo. It contains a fortress with a Pakistani flag on top.

Phoeyu Gate


The Phoeyu Gate is a spec made solely for Phoeyu, the owner/head developer of Grand Piece Online. It allows the user to summon a Gate that goes anywhere they'd like (similar to Mangekyo), however it does not let the player forcibly transport another player, only themselves and people who enter the Gate.



Rogue is a spec developed by Norp AKA Norperz, which is a reference to one of Rogue Lineage's spells named Mori. It has 2 skills, effectively acting as a Blox Fruit, both skills one-shotting anything it touches, as well as having no cooldown.

The first skill, fittingly named Mori, shoots a single purple ball of light that will deal insane damage (precisely 29,661,200,000) to anything it touches, effectively one-shotting anyone.

The second skill, named Snap Mori, is basically just Mori but it sends out a lot more purple balls of light. All of them still do the same damage as Mori. This also makes Rogue the most overpowered weapon in the entire game.

Black Pillar

Black Pillar

Black Pillar is an ability that sends out 30+ black-colored pillars (with the same mesh as Flame V1's C move) in a 180-degree blast, damaging anything within range. The Raid Boss, rip_indra, uses this move while in his True Form.

I’m the dog of Robot Mega

This is a skill that references Robotmega, that being rip_indra's old username, which is basically just Black Pillar but does more damage.

Black Meteor

Black meteor

Black Meteor is a move that combines the V move of Gravity and the V move of Rumble in a black form. The stones rain from the sky and explode into huge Black Bombs, doing heavy damage as well as lingering very long. It also plays a sound effect of Megumin from Konosuba screaming "EXPLOSION!", reasons unknown.


The Sharingan is an ability that, when activated, the user will summon a red and black vortex-like spell above their head. Everyone who looks at said spell will have their screen covered with a Sharingan, similar to the Mangekyo ability, except the Sharingan just deals damage.

  • It does around 1.5k dmg per second as a passive ability.
  • The spell disappears after 6 seconds.
  • Funnily enough, cannot break Observation.


Meme is a Blox Fruit that is considered unobtainable, and can only be obtained through Studio. It technically does not exist as a Blox Fruit, and was created on behalf of SirPoofiem, better known as Experimic, as a gift to him.

You can find more info on this fruit on the Meme page.