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The Acidum Rifle is a Rare Gun. This weapon does poison damage over time, and has the highest clicking damage out of all the guns (the highest skill damage is Bizarre Rifle). It is widely used in PVP due to it's ability to break Observation/Ken and it's large AoE stun move.


A single shot from Acidum Rifle deals high damage, it does a fair amount of damage on the first hit, then lesser ticks of damage (5 ticks of damage).


The Acidum Rifle is dropped from the Factory. Has a 20% (1 in 5) chance to get this as a drop after demolishing the Factory. (You don't need to deal the most damage.)


Link to Showcase video <---

Key Name Description Mastery
Z key perfections.png
Spiky Bomb Shoots an explosive spiky green ball that inflicts explosive damage upon contact, also inflicts, stun for a short period of time.

The spiky bomb does not need direct contact to inflict damage as it is an Area of Effect (AoE) attack, although, upon direct hit it will latch on to the opponent making them unable to run away from it.

X key perfection 3.png
Acidic Smoke Shoots balls of gas which deals decent damage inflicting poison that does ticks of damage over time. It also disables the enemy's Observation.

Acidic Smoke doesn't stun but disables the opponent from attacking, dashing, using Flash Step or using Skyjump for a short duration of time.



  • Damage: S+
  • PVP/Bounty hunting: S+
  • Farming: A+
  • Combo potential: S+
  • Fun: A+
  • Raid: S
  • Overall: S+


The M1 of this gun is very handy. When all of your moves are on a cooldown, or you are in a combo, you can spam-click on your opponent with this to drain the opponent's Observation, and it will also make the cooldown of Observation longer. The [X] move serves the same purpose.

Gun Mains use this Gun frequently due to the powerful M1 and stun(s). It's really powerful if paired with Ice or Dark.

The [Z] move can stun enemies for a short period of time and provide you to start combos plus it prevents the annoying knock back on some moves such as Superhuman [C], Death Step [X], Quake [C], etc…

It can be VERY powerful in Raids, just use Skyjump a few times then wait for NPC's to spawn then spam the moves, then you can use any Fighting Styles to kill the remaining npc(s) (You can't use it at island 3, 4 and 5 because the NPCs with devil fruits can easily kill you.)

Both moves can break Observation.


Ice V + Soul Cane Z + Acidum Rifle Z + Acidum Rifle click / lmb + Death Step C + Death Step Z + Acidum X + Death Step X.

You probably won't even need to land Death Step X, as the opponent is probably going to be dead before then. But if not, use Death Step X.

Ice V + Acidum Rifle X + Acidum Rifle Z + Sharkman Karate X + Sharkman Karate Z + Sharkman Karate C.

One shot combo if done properly. May require some skill to use at first. If you are used to this, this will make quick work of the opponent.

Death Step V + Ice V + Death Step C + Acidum Rifle click + Acidum Rifle X + Acidum Rifle Z + Death Step X (if Death Step V is on cooldown throw in the Z after X)

Dark X + Soul Cane Z + Acidum Rifle Z + (1) Acidum Rifle click / lmb + Acidum Rifle X + Superhuman C + Superhuman Z. (if still not died Flash Step and Superhuman X)

This is the extremely easy combo to do and very hard to escape.

Soul Cane Z + Dark X + Acidum Rifle Click + Acidum Rifle Z + Acidum Rifle X, Superhuman Z + Superhuman C + (Dark F to enemy) Superhuman X

Awakened Quake v, Pole v2 Z, X, Acidum Rifle Z, X, Superhuman C, X and X

Superhuman Z, Revive Z, Superhuman C, Flash Step, and Superhuman X

(Ice unawakened, Observation V and C)

Ice V + Ice C + Soul Cane Z + Acid Z + Acid Click/LMB + Acid X + 2 Punches + Superhuman Z + Superhuman C

( Ice V) + Pole (2nd Form) Z + Pole (2nd Form) X + Acidum Rifle Z + Acidum Rifle X + Dragon Talon X + Dragon Talon Z


Rubber doesn't take damage from this

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