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Armament Haki in the anime

You can find the Ability Teacher aka Silvers Rayleigh in the Frozen Village's Secret Cave.

Ability teacher

There are currently two Haki abilities and two different abilities, that you can learn. Three of them can be learned from the Abilities teacher that is found at the cave on the Snow Island. The other one can be found at the Upper Yard island.

One of the Haki are Buso Haki (Enhancement). You can train your enhancement by attacking NPC with melee or swords , but you also can train it with taking damage. You cannot gain xp when you're using skills. Here is a list of the Buso Haki (enhancement) stages.

Tip: You can equip Cutlass / Katana and go to an NPC and attack it, this will boost your Buso Haki a lot since the Swords don't deal a lot of damage, (this is only for logia users), (also, don't use sword skills as they do not increase Buso EXP).

There are 2 new NPCS called Color Specialist and Master Of Enhancement, at the Color Specialist you can change the color of your enhancement, The Master Of Enhancement is a NPC that spawns every 30 min with a Enhancement color for sale (both only in Second Sea.)

Stage: 0 Half Arms

Half Legs ( If you have Dark step )

Increases Damage
Stage: 1 Full Arms

Full legs ( If you have Dark Step )

Increases Damage
Stage: 2 Full Arms and Torso

Full Legs and Torso ( If you have Dark Step )

Increases Defense
Stage: 3 Full Arms, Torso, and Head

Full Legs, Torso, and Head ( If you have Dark Step )

Increases Defense


Full Arms, Torso, Head, Thighs, and Knee

Full legs , Torso , Head , Forearm , Elbow ( If you have Dark Step )

Increases both Damage and Defense


Full body Increases both Damage and Defense

You can get the title [Iron Man] after getting full body Buso Haki, but it only works on Second Sea / New World.

NOTE: You can change it around both on the Middle Town, inside a house near the transport to the Second Sea / New World, and in the Second Sea / New World with the Enhancement Editor. You can change your Haki back the stage 0, 1 ,2 ,3,4 and 5 (appearance wise only, stats remain the same). If you follow the path past the first Quest giver and towards the second Spawn Point, he will be on your right after the archway.

These are all the skills that the Ability Teacher will teach you:

  • Sky Jump (Geppo): This ability allows you to jump several times in the air, but you only have a limited amount of jumps (10 times). However, if you have the Skypian Race, it grants you more jumps (12 times). This costs B$10,000 (Tap space 2x in rapid succession for use) The jumps reset after touching the ground.
  • Buso Haki (Enhancement) costs B$25,000: This is essential to have. This ability allows you to cover your body with armor. It also buffs your Melee, Sword, and Devil Fruit damage and can damage Logia (Elemental). You can train it to cover your body. The more it covers your body the more it can buff. To train it you need to use Melee or Sword attacks on NPC without using any skills. Make sure you turn on your Haki before you train it. (If you have maxed Enhancement out, it doesn't matter how much you cover your body, it will still provide the same buffs). Hotkey: J, D-pad down (Xbox)
  • Flash Step (Soru): This move allows you to teleport a certain amount. You can not teleport into the sky, but only on the ground because you need to point your cursor on a wall or the ground or and NPC (player). The cooldown is 15 seconds, (10 if you have Human V2). It costs B$100,000. Hotkey: R, R3(Xbox)

Observation (Ken Haki / Kenbunshoku Haki) :

To learn the Ken Haki/Kenbushoku Haki, you need to be at least level 300 and have killed Shanks / "Saber Expert" at least once. If the requirements are fulfilled, you have to reach the "Highest sky island” or “Upper Yard Second Area”.

Here is an explanation on how to reach that island:

Arrive at the misc on the middle Skypian island (the swordsman master; the guy who sells Bisento can be found here) and travel to the highest island that has the God's Guard Quest. Go to the temple and, where there are clouds, destroy them. You cannot punch them. You will need a move that can break objects, To see which moves can break it go here. Then you will be teleported into the highest island of Skypiea. If you have a fruit that allows you to fly, you can use it to fly to the top, but it isn't recommended, as the island is higher than it looks. When you get there, follow the huge tree root in the middle to the second area. When you arrive, go into another temple and there, you will find Usoap. He will sell Observation Haki for B$750,000. You can level up your Ken Haki when you use it.

If a Boss' projectile hits you directly and explodes, it knocks you out of your Observation state. For example, if Wysper launches his bazooka rocket, and it explodes and hits you directly (i.e. close or on your body), you will be knocked out and Ken Haki will be disabled. Another one is Magma Admiral's Magma fist. If it explodes and hits you, you will be knocked out. Sea Beast's howls can also knock you out of Observation state. it will show how much your dodges are when an NPC hits you. when you are using your skill, while using observation you can still get hit if your still doing you move/attack.

When observation is used with the Devil fruit, it turns Dough into a logia state.

  • 0 EXP - Level 1 - 2 dodges
  • 50 EXP - Level 2 - 3 dodges
  • 350 EXP - Level 3 - 4 dodges
  • 850 EXP - Level 4 - 5 dodges
  • 1400 EXP - Level 5 - 6 dodges
  • 2100 EXP - Level 6 - 7 dodges
  • 2800 EXP - Level 7 - 8 dodges
  • 5000 EXP - Extra - Better reach of Haki vision
  • If the user has completed Human V2 quest - EXTRA - 9 Dodges
  • Note: You get double the dodges against normal NPCs

The maximum distance you can see with an NPC with Ken Haki is the red line going from Ace's ship (left) to an NPC (right).

The max of dodges is 8 (9 With Human V2) at 2800 EXP but you should grind it max to 5000 because the more mastery the further you can see (Levels are outdated).

Note: The distance you can see NPCs using Ken Haki is shorter than the distance you can see players.

Tip: You can go to a place with Buso Haki (Enhancement) users and level up fastest, when the number of dodges is 0, quit the server and enter again.

Tip: You can talk to Usoap again after you've bought Ken Haki to see how much EXP points you have. Each dodge gives 1 EXP, so grind ken with NPC's that can hit you (not Bosses) since you have twice the dodges.

Note: There is a title you can earn from getting max dodges